st. paul's cathedral

St.Paul's Cathedral is built on the Indo-Gothic style of architecture. It was built in the year 1847 by Major W.N.Forbes of the East India Company. The height of the Cathedral is 201 ft. This Cathedral has the rare distinction of being the 1st Episcopal Church of the East. The peak of St.Paul's Cathedral has been designed as a replica of the famous Canterbury Cathedral's Henry Tower.

The church is located within huge grounds, where you can also find a meditation point that has been set up in the recent times in collaboration with distinguished citizens of Tagore's Shantiniketan. The beautiful pictures describe the life and works of Saint Paul. The atmosphere of this cathedral is very tranquil. The architecture and the interim of the Saint Paul Cathedral is truly a feast for eyes.

One of the prized possession of the Cathedral is the "Communion Plate" which Queen Victoria bestowed upon Bishop Wilson. The stained glass of the western window, designed in 1880 by Sir Edward Burne Jones is indeed marvelous and during the sunset the reflection through the window is truly ethereal. The Cathedral also has beautiful Florentine frescoes, which are of outstanding quality.